The 2015 season is now over. In total we competed in 14 races and managed to get on the podium 11 times, with 7 wins. Also competing in the World Championship as our last race in 2015 gave the season another reason to be remembered. Unfortunately we didn't bring home the best of results - we were 15th in qualifying, and in the first heat we were all the way up in 9th after a few laps - until the competitor in 8th took us out as André tried to pass him. From last position he only made it into 24th which basically destroyed our chance of getting through to the A-Finals. In the B-Finals it was pretty much the same story and we only finished 10th in the final. Nevertheless the experience is still amazing, and we must also admit, that the competitors at the World Championship were much more experienced that we are, as this was only our fourth season - while some of them are in their 7th season or more. We hope to feel better prepared next year so we can bring home a good result.